The LARU operates the LARU LX QSL Bureau. The LARU LX QSL Bureau is based on absolute „hamspirit“. Incoming cards for amateur radio operators with luxembourgish call (prefix LX) are made available to those operators free of charge. Please send your cards to:




LARU members can send outgoing QSL cards for free via the LARU LX QSL Bureau. The cards (alphabetically ordered by prefix) can be given to the VP QSL during club activities. The QSL-OUT Service is free for all personal callsigns of a LARU member.


LARU LX QSL Bureau 2017

In 2017 cards have been sent to the following countries:

2017/JAN/02 United Kingdom
2017/JAN/02 Germany
2017/JAN/04 Tajikistan
2017/JAN/04 Indonesia
2017/JAN/04 Island
2017/JAN/04 Brazil
2017/JAN/04 Thailand
2017/JAN/04 South Korea
2017/JAN/04 Chile
2017/FEB/26 Italy
2017/MAR/06 Finland
2017/MAR/21 Austria
2017/APR/06 Slovakia
2017/APR/06 Netherlands
2017/APR/18 Poland
2017/MAY/19 Germany
2017/MAY/19 Ukraine
2017/MAY/25 Slovenia
2017/MAY/25 Sweden
2017/AUG/30 Belgium
2017/AUG/30 Switzerland
2017/OCT/31 Kazakhstan
2017/OCT/31 Norway
2017/OCT/31 Lithuania
2017/NOV/06 Germany
2017/DEC/23 Bulgaria
2017/DEC/23 Czech Republic
2017/DEC/23 United Kinkdom
2017/DEC/23 France
2017/DEC/23 Russia
2017/DEC/23 Belarus

LARU LX QSL Bureau 2016

In 2016 cards have been sent to the following countries (16 kg):

2016/FEB/09 Ukraine
2016/APR/01 Germany
2016/APR/22 Croatia
2016/APR/22 Czechia
2016/APR/22 France
2016/APR/22 Germany
2016/APR/22 Greece
2016/APR/23 Australia
2016/APR/23 Italy
2016/APR/23 Spain
2016/APR/23 UK
2016/APR/24 USA (3 bureaus)
2016/MAY/17 Germany
2016/MAY/19 Poland
2016/AUG/01 Poland
2016/AUG/18 Canada
2016/AUG/24 Poland
2016/SEP/01 Malta
2016/OCT/30 Italy
2016/NOV/01 Germany
2016/NOV/01 Japan
2016/NOV/01 Poland
2016/NOV/01 Ukraine
2016/DEC/10 Hungary
2016/DEC/10 Spain
2016/DEC/11 USA (8 bureaus)
2016/DEC/11 Germany
2016/DEC/11 Indonesia
2016/DEC/12 Argentina
2016/DEC/19 France
2016/DEC/19 Czech Republic
2016/DEC/19 Romania

LARU LX QSL Bureau 2015

In 2015 cards have been sent to the following countries (20 kg):

2015/FEB/11 Austria
2015/JUN/02 Portugal
2015/JUN/02 Greece
2015/JUL/22 Romania
2015/JUL/22 France
2015/JUL/22 Czech Republic
2015/JUL/22 Slovakia
2015/JUL/22 Iceland
2015/JUL/22 Macedonia
2015/JUL/23 Brazil
2015/JUL/24 Spain
2015/JUL/25 Russia
2015/NOV/02 Germany
2015/NOV/04 Poland
2015/NOV/04 Japan
2015/NOV/04 Italy
2015/NOV/04 Finland
2015/NOV/04 Belarus
2015/NOV/05 Belgium
2015/NOV/06 France
2015/NOV/06 Czech Republic
2015/NOV/23 Netherlands
2015/DEC/07 Ukraine
2015/DEC/14 Russia
2015/DEC/14 Sweden
2015/DEC/14 Romania
2015/DEC/14 Slovenia
2015/DEC/14 Serbia
2015/DEC/18 United Kingdom
2015/DEC/18 Germany
2015/DEC/18 Spain
2015/DEC/20 Austria
2015/DEC/20 Hungary

LARU LX QSL Bureau 2014

In2014 cards have been sent to the following countries:

2014/NOV/03 Belarus
2014/NOV/03 Denmark
2014/NOV/04 France
2014/NOV/05 Israel
2014/NOV/05 Finland
2014/NOV/05 Greece
2014/NOV/14 Switzerland
2014/NOV/20 Croatia
2014/NOV/24 Latvia
2014/NOV/24 Norway
2014/DEC/01 Argentina
2014/DEC/01 Serbia
2014/DEC/01 Slovakia
2014/DEC/10 Belgium
2014/DEC/12 Czech Republic
2014/DEC/15 England
2014/DEC/15 Bulgaria
2014/DEC/15 Lithuania
2014/DEC/15 Romania
2014/DEC/17 Sweden
2014/DEC/22 Brazil
2014/DEC/22 Ireland
2014/DEC/22 Japan
2014/DEC/22 Slovenia
2014/DEC/22 Netherlands
2014/DEC/22 Hungary
2014/DEC/22 Spain
2014/DEC/22 Poland
2014/DEC/22 Germany
2014/DEC/22 Russia
2014/DEC/30 Italy

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