The Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union was founded on January 1st 2014 by three luxemburgish amateur radio operators.

The reason for this was the desire for an association, which promotes technical progress and cohesion of amateur radio operators seriously. The LARU therefore constitutes an innovative network of technology-inspired radio amateurs and other interested parties. LARU's value ​​pillars are the following: friendship, democracy, science and progress. Our logo incidentally indicates the desired progress: The unusual horizontally arranged antenna represents a forward-looking arrow.

The focus is not limited to new techniques or modes. However, the LARU has the following priorities:

  • Emergency communications
  • Digital voice communications
  • Digital data transmission
  • Science
  • Education

Some of these areas were hardly or not being taken care of at all in Luxembourg. The LARU wants to change this situation quickly. For this reason, the areas in question will be treated in permanent working groups (digital voice communications, digital data transmission, emergency communications, education, QSL bureau).

In order to achieve the desired objectives, the LARU is divided into working groups, which are each dedicated to one of these priorities. This structure facilitates the organization and planning of projects. For organizational reasons, the number of working groups and the number of members within these groups are limited. Since each active member must join a working group, the LARU will have enough skilled amateur radio operators to perform their tasks. Active members can contribute by developing projects within the working group of their interest and share their knowledge.

The Working Group "Education" will organize training courses focused on the priorities of LARU. The LARU will offer further activities related to education and science. These activities can be offered in cooperation with other clubs in order to promote amateur radio and ham spirit.

An important task of the LARU is to represent its members nationally and internationally. Amateur radio operators and other interested parties, which are dedicated to the technological progress and which want to be supported by a corresponding association, are welcome within the LARU.