The LARU offers different categories of membership. In each category members have different rights and obligations. Every new member starts his membership as a basic member with a probation period of 1 up to 5 years (basic membership).

Persons who wish to get a member of the LARUcan fill out the application form: form (please send it via e-mail or mail to the secretary).

  Associate Basic Regular Executive
Right to participate in all the activities of the association  
Possibility to participate in a working group  
Obligation to participate in a working group    
Right to vote    
Right to be elected      
QSL-OUT-service *
Annual contribution 27 € 36 € 69 € 137 €
One-time contribution (1st year) - - +40 € +50 €
Youth contribution (pupils and students) - 1/3 1/3 137 €

Basic membership:

Basic members (passive membership) are natural persons who can participate in all the activities of the association, who can take profit of the services offered by the association and who want to support the association. Within the working group, the base member may participate in selected group activities.

Regular membership:

Regular members are individuals who must additionally have a membership or a function within the working groups.

Executive membership:

Executive members are individuals who are eligible as members of the board of directors and working group leaders. Executive members must be in possession of a valid and active LX or CEPT licence.

Associate membership:

The associate membership is open for natural and legal persons. Associate members support the LARU financially in the exercise of their activities. There is no probation period for associate members. * Legal persons (for example club stations) can take profit of the QSL-OUT-service for an additional fee of 6 €.

Youth contribution:

The youth contribution is for young people up to an age of 18 years or for pupils and students over 18  as long as they can prove this. From 2022 on, the youth contribution is 1/3 of the annual contribution of the corresponding membership (11,33€; 22,33€; 44,67€). There is no reduced youth contribution for the associate membership.

One-time contribution (deposit):

A youth member does not have to pay the one-time contribution. The one-time contribution must be paid when the youth member gets an ordinary member no longer paying the youth contribution.