Foundation of LARU

The Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union (LARU) was founded by three amateur radio operators from Luxembourg on January 1st 2014. The idea for the concept and the subsequent founding of the club took place in mid-December 2013.

At the moment we deal with the development of the internal structure.

The concept of the LARU is based on the following value ​​pillars:

  • Friendship
  • Democracy
  • Science
  • Progress (Focus: Emergency communication, digital voice & data communication, science, education)

The LARU is highly interested in the technical progress in Luxembourg which should be seriously encouraged. That's why the following permanent working groups were established according to the established priorities:

  • Emergency Communication Concepts
  • Emergency Communication Infrastructure
  • Digital Voice Communications
  • Digital Data Communications
  • Education
  • QSL Bureau

The members of the LARU are not only limited to the above listed sub-areas of amateur radio. They are the main workspace of the LARU. The LARU is open to all amateur radio activities.

The working groups have been established and have begun their work . Interested and active people are welcome. You do not necessarily have to be a licensed amateur radio operator for this purpose .

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you as a knowledgeable member of our association.