JOTA 2021

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The 64th Jamboree on the air takes place on the weekend of 15th-17th October 2021.

The LARU will support scout groups from Luxembourg this year.

Antenna Day and Mini-Fieldday 2021

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The 6th LARU Fieldday takes place on July 31st 2021 as antenna day in Nocher. Smaller than usual due to the current situation. But everything important was present: meeting in nature, radios, antennas.


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The LARU will activate in August 2021 the special call LX21P. The goal is to promote portable activities during the summer 2021

A special QSL card will be available for this event. The QSL cards will be distributed by the LARU LX QSL Bureau (QSL.LU)

Members of the LARU who wish to activate the call LX21P can claim their interest at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The rules and the calendar can be accessed in the member area of the forum.

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